FEB 26// The Armory, Portland OR

MARCH 10// Rontoms, Portland OR with Bryson Cone

MARCH 21// Future Shock, Portland, OR

MARCH 24// New Orleans LA with Luna LOXX

APRIL 11// Jupiter Hotel Portland OR //A sensory experiment featuring a distilled spirit. Three teams of top local mixologists, sound designers and visual designer will collaborate to create a sensory bath experience in one Jupiter hotel room. The combined sounds and visuals should create an experience that influences participants experience of the taste profile in the featured drink. The artists are encouraged to set people's expectations of taste and then either undermine them or reinforce them with sound and visual texture.

MAY 8// Doug Fir, Portland OR with Emily Wells

MAY 25// Mississippi Studios with Swatkins and Jarrod Lawson

JULY 11—14// California World Festival