Greetings World Family.

I am so fed up.  

I 'm also so blessed. No place I can't go. No word I can't speak. I'm unlimited, unrestrained, and prepared. I'm overloaded with knowledge and news. Currently, Mercury is transiting in the same place it was when I was born; as is the Sun.

I'm extra brazen and bold right now, Which is good. It was time. It's time for us all who are elevators on this planet.  I've been in a sort of vocal and expression hibernation. Speaking is my strong point right now. I'm taking advantage of this time. I'm speaking my truth whether it's nice, wrong, ugly and anything and everything in between. It will be steeped in love.  I will no longer waste my thoughts on Facebook. Facebook should not have access to all my/our thoughts so here IAM/We are. 

I'm a rapper, speaker, preacher, creature. This will be a platform for conversation and questions to de-condition consciousness related to being born and raised in America and this World. How have we been molded to discontinue our evolution and personal success aka community success? 

I think it's time. We're all tired of being pushed and abused by so-called powers at be. This is a place to express our deepest souls and ascend into the heavens where we belong. We descend from this place of peace but somewhere along the way we stray from the path of truth. This blog is a place of ancestral power, motivation, and self-love. Come through, show yourself, be heard, scream. and change the whole world together. We inject love. 

I will be posting regularly about life, world news, music, art, astrology, style, food, family, travel, science, nature, and love. 


Amenta Kemet Yawa Bodunde Abioto




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